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Janice Lacy

composer, pianist & producer


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Janice Lacy grew up in her native Ohio, started playing piano when she was 3 years old, went to school, got married, and had a career as an attorney before she recorded her first album. Through the years, she composed piano music. However, the decision to create her first recording “Sanctuary for the Soul" in 2016 was a game changer. She then released a very successful single entitled “Catalina” in 2021, from the EP of the same name. 


Fast forward to 2023, Janice has just finished her second album entitled “Dreaming of Daybreak,” produced by Grammy® Winner Will Ackerman (co-founder Windham Hill) and Grammy® nominated artist Tom Eaton. The album includes performances from an “all-star” collection of musicians: Eugene Friesen, Cello; Jill Haley, English Horn; Charlie Basharat, Violin; and Tony Levin on Bass.

Deeply inspired by the shoreline of Southern California where she has lived for many years, Janice’s music is deeply personal and very beautiful. Janice is the owner of ShoreLight Records. She is a Voting Member of the Recording Academy (GRAMMYs), and is a Writer and Publisher member of BMI. 

Aerial Photo of a Coast
Dramatic Pianist


"Dreaming of Daybreak" (2023)

Produced by: Will Ackerman & Tom Eaton


"Catalina" [EP] (2021)

Produced by Jeff Carruthers


"Sanctuary For The Soul" (2016)

Produced by: Rob Mullins & Greg Scelsa


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