Media Reviews

“The beauty to be found within is stunning, as a prime example you need to look no further than the new age classical crossover opener, the very title track itself, which at time borders on the edge of genius and sublime artistry…”
-Steve Sheppard, One World Music

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“…an enjoyable and inspiring album, compiled from a raft of various melodies ranging from classic to contemporary…”
Janet Mawdesley, Blue Wolf Reviews

“Sanctuary For the Soul is an incredible debut and I look forward to seeing what else Janice Lacy has up her musical sleeves!’
Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano

“Janice Lacy offers music as a sanctuary…”
Zone Music Reporter

“…the music creates an intimate bond between classical and New Age. This soothing piano music is melodious, and perfect for healing and relaxation.”
Keys & Chords

“Gentle jazz stylings send the listener’s imagination on a world-spanning journey in this soundscape treasure created to refresh and rejuvenate the spirit.”Midwest Book Review

“Piano music is a gift from the heavens when presented the way Janice introduces herself.”
New Age Music Reviews

“Get relaxed with candles, bubble bath & Janice Lacy Project “Sanctuary For The Soul” Album”
The Aquarius View Magazine (click here for full review)

“Pianist/Composer Janice Lacy is releasing her much anticipated first album, Sanctuary For The Soul (ShoreLight Records), recorded by her band, the Janice Lacy Project, a Los Angeles-based recording and performance group.”
-New Age Music Guide (click here for the full review)

“Some people talk the talk and some play the tunes. With a deep classical background, Lacy rounds up some vet rockers and blues cats to deliver her new age vision and it works throughout.”
Midwest Record Review (click here for full review)

“This instrumental debut album features peaceful, joyful songs intended to help listeners escape from the pressures and stress of the world.”
Facing North (click here for full review)

“Sanctuary for the Soul is a rich, sometimes nearly orchestral sounding CD by the Janice Lacy Project.”
Spirit Passages (click here for full review)

“…very attractive both for lovers of the New Age music as well as of neoclassical and soft jazz.”
Tango Reporter (click here for full review)


What People Are Saying

Music for the soul. Sanctuary is really a safe harbor for the mind to unwind…to relax and just let go for a few precious moments! “Sanctuary for the Soul” is a beautiful and poignant piece. “Sunrise Dance” has a lovely sense of anticipation, of new beginnings..this track brims with positivity :-). “Shimmering Ocean” is a rippling, active composition of constantly changing chords….I loved it! I also loved “Full Moon” a very memorable melody. Janice Lacy is a fantastic pianist and her compositions show a beautiful sensitivity and warmth that is such a wonderful gift to have ? ? ?
-Ricky Kej, Grammy® Award Winning Composer/Producer, Grammy Award for Best New Age Album, Winds of Samsara

Sanctuary For The Soul is for anyone who wants to refresh and replenish soul and spirit.”
-Al Kasha, Two-time Academy Award Winning Songwriter

“A beautiful new age album by the Janice Lacy Project. The first thing that captured my attention is the stellar piano performances by Janice on the piano accompanied by equally brilliant performances on the cello. Superb songwriting across the album, and lovely dynamics — from the more intimate performances on tracks like Sanctuary for the Soul, Shimmering Ocean and December Goodbye, to  the more groove oriented mixes like on Full Moon and Tell you That I Love You. Personal favorite track – Lover’s Flight. Crisp production and concise arrangements at a little under 50 minutes on this excellent 14-track album”.
-Arun Shenoy, Grammy® Nominated Producer and Composer

“This music is excellent for relaxation and stress-relief, intimate moments, soul-searching, and quiet dinner parties.”
Lilly Ann Hanson, User review on All Music

“If you are looking for gentle, fairly relaxing, instrumental music with enough going on to keep your mind occupied, this music is right on the money.”
User review on Digital Spy

“You should listen to the wonderful piano-based music on this album.”
Eugena, User review on Music Discussion

“If you like soft, gentle, but interesting-to-listen-to instrumental music, go find some musical samples online and see if you like the album SANCTUARY FOR THE SOUL by classically-trained new age pianist Janice Lacy. There are two solo piano pieces (“Everything’s Alright” and “Through the Shadows”). Nine are piano and cello duets with famed cellist Jeness (the highlights are “Take Care of My Heart” and “Lovers’ Flight”). But note that this album is actually by the JANICE LACY PROJECT, and other members appear on keyboards (Rob Mullins), bass (Larry Antonino) and drums (Tony Braunagel) on “Sunrise Dance,” “Full Moon” and “Tell You That I Love You” (the last two being a bit jazzy).

Lacy says, “I want my music to serve as a sanctuary, a refuge, a place of safety, peace, healing and joy, where listeners can go when they need to escape from the pressures and stress of the world around them.” The music is all that. Get the full CD. Crack open a bottle of wine, take a listen and relax. It will be an evening well-spent.”
Sandi Porter, User Review on World’s #1 Music Forum!

The reviews below are additional five-star reviews from Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby:


Amazon Reviews


“This is a really good album for anyone who wants to have some relaxing music playing in the background after a long day, or when having a dinner party, or when going on a long drive. I really enjoyed the whole album, and think that a lot of people will find it to be a new favorite.”
-Alexander Tomescu

“Wonderful, soul restoring stuff . Obviously a very accomplished pianist…this music will put you in your “happy place”. A great find !”
-Bill Saracino

“As soon as the first song starts, you know it’s going to be good. I had heard a lot of great reviews about this album before I got it and now I see why. It’s an experience. After I got the CD and put it in my car, I basically ended up listening to it from start to finish. It’s a fitting title and New Age piano at its finest. Great stuff. Also a big fan of the fact that this calmed down a fussy baby in less than 5 seconds. Worth the buy.

“Lovely music and amazing playing. My favorites songs are “Sunrise Dance” and “Full Moon”.”

“Beautiful compositions….relaxing music in a stressful world. Definitely worth having in your Playlist!”
-Tracy L.

“I am very busy and always on the go. I have found Janice Lacy’s music to be soothing and calming to my spirit and soul. Her music has blessed me : ) Thank you Janice Lacy!”
-Scotty V.

“Great tunes. Great album from beginning to end!”

“Janice Lacy’s music is a real treat and exceeded my expectations. Her clear focus on soothing and inspiring melodies employs piano and cello to strong effect. Download this album and relax.”

“I think I might have been one of the first people to buy this over at CD Baby. Great album. Playing it using iTunes on repeat. Thank you Janice Lacy for this wonderful music!!!”
-Laura in OC

“Beautiful, transporting melodies, a wonderful experience.”

“This album is truly a Sanctuary for the Soul! Janice Lacy is a very talented pianist, and her compositions are very spiritual, and enlightening. The cello adds another dimension to the album, making it feel fuller and even more grandiose. We are very impressed with the musicianship, the production and engineering of this album, and we strongly recommend it. It will definitely lift your spirit! Thank you, Janice.”
-El Cerrito Records

“Want to enjoy an evening, listening to music, sipping wine and relaxing? This album is for you. My wife and I imagine many evenings with “Sanctuary for the Soul” from the Janice Lacy Project.

From the opening tune, “Tell You That I Love You” until the closing title track “Sanctuary for the Soul,” the entire album has a continuity and flow. It was expertly produced.

The music for us invoked a memory of a beautiful weekend at the Rosario Resort in Washington’s San Juan Islands. The music had the stillness of calm water, but beneath the surface the emotions are deep and the sound is beautiful.”
-Floyd Brown


CD Baby Reviews


“Great music! Wow what a wonderful album! I listened to it three times in a row and it got me through my day!”

“Very relaxing. Really pleasant to listen to after a long day. Each song is great and puts you in a better mood.”

“Just what I needed today. Very rough day at the office. Came home early…too stressed out. Found this new music via a friend online. Very calming and helped me get centered back. Thank you Janice Lacy! Hope to hear more of your work soon.”
-Just a guy at the beach


iTunes Reviews


“Listening to this beautiful music transports me to a place where everyday concerns fade and creative energy is released.”

“This album carries you through the full range of human emotion: joy, sadness, love, grief, in a total acceptance of the human physical and spiritual experience of the cycle of life”

“This is a wonderful album from start to finish! It is perfect for reading, working or almost anything. Thank you Janice for sharing your gift with the world.”

“This is a great debut recording. It is well performed and produced. The lead track is particularly compelling. Great music for relaxing.”
-CF Patton

“What an amazing son. Really enjoyed it!!”

“A fantastic work by a great composer. Found myself lifted up to the heavens on the melody and the Notes brought together in a masterful manner up there with the great efforts. All the songs are wonderful but this one is a great beginning for us all thank you thank you thank you your fan forever.”
-Genie Lampo

“A real range of emotion in the songs, my favorite is “Full Moon,” upbeat and so cool. I’m going to enjoy album during many workdays to come!”
-Jilly 248

“Such an amazing album! Incredible new artist on the horizon in the Janice Lacy Project!”

“This is the best post exam, stress reliever a student could dream of. Can’t wait for the sequel. Absolutely amazing.”
-Frances Carey

“Great calming sounds for a not so calm world. Great work Janice.”
-Chuck Richmond

“Great soothing music. Comforting sounds to slow the world down a bit. Love it.”
-Chuck Richmond

“This is an extraordinary album – rich and heartfelt and melodic! Gorgeous! I’m so proud of you, Janice. It’s not only an extraordinary first album – it’s a soulful masterpiece.”
-Raoul Wallenberg

“Really wonderful. Soothing and a pleasure to listen to!”

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